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We would like to convey our sincere gratitude to Effective Intervention for their support in lighting up 120 villages in the Bedanda, Quinara and Tombali regions in Guinea Bissau, West Africa. The villages are all spread out over an area of approximate 10,000 square kilometres and were implemented with 5500 lights. These lights will hopefully enhance the quality of life for the villagers and consequently aid in the growth of a fund that will collect during the course of the years to replace batteries for the lights (Thus. Light for life) and the surplus will/should be used for the development of the village and ultimately the development of the region as a whole. A small step towards bigger achievements with the onus left to the villagers.
We are currently teamed up with The Gambia Experience as part of their Sustainable tourism programme with Education in rural areas as a key focus. Click here for more info
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Date of First Implementation: Jan 8 2010