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Ram Mohan,
Founder of the

Born in Kerala, India in 1963.Grew up in the National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla, Pune, as a child, where my father was a Reader of English and thereafter in Chennai where he retired as Principal of Vanavani Matriculation ( IIT Madras) and then as Director of the SOS Children’s Village in Tambaram, Chennai, where we spent 6 years residing and interracting with the children of SOS Village.I think the armed forces environment AND Dads educational background, put together with the Social aspect of the SOS Children’s village has had a great influence on my up-bringing.

Since 1992, I have lived in West Africa. My primary business has been in agro commodities with a special interest in Cashewnuts. I have a diverse knowledge of the crop through experience in West Africa as well as with my Indian origins. Having lived in Africa half my life (1964 to 1968 as a child in Ethiopia) and 1992 to date (in West Africa), it’s culture is a part of me. Being Honorary Consul General of India has given me a level of diplomacy in my outlook to life too. My current initiative to Light up Villages in Africa gives me an opportunity to give back to the land that has made more than half of my being with inputs from a land that has made the rest of me.

My interests are Travelling, Photography, Simple Solar Lighting Solutions, Corporate Social Responsibility, Design, Media, Computers and the Internet, Twitter & Facebook member and enthusiast, Blogging. Golf, Cricket, Swimming, Volleyball and watching Football & Rugby, Boats and Fishing, Enjoy Food & Wine and am an occasional Cook

Famara Dampha,
Sales And

I was born in 1981 in a village called Manduar in Lower River Region in Gambia did my primary school in the same village. For my Junior School and Lower Basic School I studied in Greater Banjul and finished my education with the Gambia Muslim Senior School in 1998.

My first job was with TOULOO GAMBIA where I was employed as an office assistant. In 2002 I started working with ComAfrique having a position as field worker during the groundnut and cashew season up to 2004. Following that I took over the ComAfrique representation at the Gambia Port to facilitate the export business where I stayed until 2006.

I joined the ComAfrique-InteliZon Initiative right from the beginning in 2009 when we started to develop the idea of simple solar lighting. Ever since trying to give light for life to rural people has been my profession.

Rakib Islam,
Technical Manager

Born in Gaborone, Botswana in 1985 to Bangladeshi parents who moved to Botswana in the early 80s. I grew up in one of the fastest developing countries in Africa and this is what awoke my passion for development and wanting to be a part of it in my home continent.

I have completed a Bachelors in Mechatronics Engineering from the University of Cape town, South Africa and Masters of Science in Engineering Management from Brunel University (UK) and have thus far been in a Quality Assurance position at Meyer communications in Cape town, South Africa. My family moved to the Gambia in 2005 and I have since been here on holiday several times. I am overwhelmed by how friendly the people here in The Gambia are and have gradually discovered why it is known to be the smiling coast.  Light is an essential component in a human’s daily life as without it there is very little or no development at all with respect to Education, Security, Social life and Health. Ram introduced me to the initiative during May 2012 and told me he was in the process of expanding and would like a technically oriented person to join the initiative. I obliged and joined the initiative to my utmost pleasure during October 2012. I hope to use my expertise to drive this wonderful initiative forward throughout Africa and quite possibly even beyond.

I enjoy partaking in various sporting activities which include cricket, football, tennis, table tennis, badminton, squash and consider myself to have a sound knowledge when it comes to computers and am a major fan of modern gadgets. I enjoy doing some photography from time to time and generally love any sort of outdoor activities.

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We would like to convey our sincere gratitude to Effective Intervention for their support in lighting up 120 villages in the Bedanda, Quinara and Tombali regions in Guinea Bissau, West Africa. The villages are all spread out over an area of approximate 10,000 square kilometres and were implemented with 5500 lights. These lights will hopefully enhance the quality of life for the villagers and consequently aid in the growth of a fund that will collect during the course of the years to replace batteries for the lights (Thus. Light for life) and the surplus will/should be used for the development of the village and ultimately the development of the region as a whole. A small step towards bigger achievements with the onus left to the villagers.
We are currently teamed up with The Gambia Experience as part of their Sustainable tourism programme with Education in rural areas as a key focus. Click here for more info
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